• Cyclists: What You Need to Know About Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome

    What is Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome?Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome (also referred to as Handlebar Palsy) is caused from compression to the distal ulnar nerve.   Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome results in faintness of ones grip, pain/tenderness in the Guyon’s canal, and possible numbness and/or tingling in... Read more
  • Winning Nutrition: Dietary Needs of Elite Rowers

    The sport of rowing presents unique set of exercise demands on an individual.  It is typically considered a power sport, however endurance is equally important.  A rower must have enough strength and power to push the pace as well as endurance to keep them from burning out before the... Read more
  • Studies Show Physical Activity After Mental Studies Prevents Overeating

    A new study shows that strenuous mental work can lead to overeating.  When we engage our brains in mentally challenging tasks, the brain localizes glucose/glycogen accessibility.  As a result, we feel hungry and have a chance of eating more after strenuous mental work.  However,... Read more

    Evidence and published data is gaining ground in proving the benefits of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. This evidence has emerged rapidly and has fueled  the desire to increase the use of affordable, minimally invasive treatments to reduce osteoarthritis-... Read more
  • Vegans: Does Your Diet Support Your Athletic Performance?

    With top-notch athletic performance comes healthy nutrition.  Athletes may be very conscious of their nutrition, but does the diet of a vegan support athletic performance?Although meat may be a primary source of protein for many of those who are not on a vegan diet, vegans can get their... Read more
  • Are You Racing Towards a Fracture?

    Cardiorespiratory fitness is a critical component of an athlete’s health and performance.  There are numerous physical and psychological benefits to aerobic training.  Just ask any endurance athlete how their training makes them feel and they would give a list of reasons everyone... Read more
  • Osteoarthritis: We Need More Exercise

    Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects millions of people, especially women. Women are twice as likely to be affected by osteoarthritis then men. When a woman reaches menopause (45 to 55 years) her chances of incidence greatly increases, this due to biological risk factors, genetic... Read more

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Comprehensive Medical Care for the Athlete.  From the elite physiology of a Professional athlete to the severe medically ill, Dr Carfagno manages the spectrum of your health.  Created in a unique setting of Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine, along with a Metabolic  Physiological Lab, SSMI Redefines Primary Care.  

At Scottsdale Sports Medicine, it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a dedicated amateur--we believe every athlete deserves top of the line care. Dr. David Carfagno and his team are ready to help you take your health and fitness to the next level with a state of the art facility, cutting edge treatments and trusted techniques. We offer comprehensive care for the complete athlete, sports injury treatments including impact testing and orthopedic care, and metabolic programs to help you achieve and surpass your fitness goals.

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