• Exercise: Just Do It!

    Physical Activity vs. Exercise: What is the Difference? Physical activity and exercise ARE NOT interchangeable terms.Physical activity is defined as bodily movement produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles that increases energy expenditure above the basal level in categories such as... Read more
  • IT Band Syndrome

    What is the IT Band?The Iliotibial band (IT band) is a tendon that courses down the lateral side of the leg from the hip to the top of the shin. It stablizes the knee joint and assists in the last 5-10 degrees of knee extension. The IT band also aids with knee flexion beyond 30 degrees. What... Read more
  • Herniated Discs in my Spine: When Can I Return to My Sport?

    Spinal cord injuries are common in athletes, especially those participating in contact sports. Thankfully the most severe and devastating spinal cord injuries are rare. There are, however, a variety of injuries that can affect you ability to return to your sport of choice. If you have... Read more
  • What Happens to My Heart When I Exercise?

  • Skier's Thumb: A Reason to Consider Snowboarding?

    What is Skier's Thumb?Skier's Thumb, also known as Gamekeeper's Thumb, refers to a tear of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) on the inside of the thumb. As the name suggests the injury is common in skiers. During a fall on the slopes the thumb can become jammed against the ski pole... Read more
  • What a Torn Meniscus in Your Knee May Mean for You

    It can ruin your weekend ski trip. It can disrupt an enjoyable pickup basketball game. It can even occur when you simply step off a curb wrong. An injury to the meniscus in your knee is generally very painful and can be accompanied by a "popping" sound, swelling, and joint locking or... Read more
  • Single Leg Squats: A Case of a Pain in the Butt

    Single Leg Squat vs Double Leg SquatSquats using one or two legs will offer training emphasis to different muscles. Squats in general offers excellent primary muscle training of the gluteus maximus and quadriceps and secondary muscle training of the erector spinae, transverse abdominus, gluteus... Read more

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Comprehensive Medical Care for the Athlete.  From the elite physiology of a Professional athlete to the severe medically ill, Dr Carfagno manages the spectrum of your health.  Created in a unique setting of Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine, along with a Metabolic  Physiological Lab, SSMI Redefines Primary Care.  

At Scottsdale Sports Medicine, it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a dedicated amateur--we believe every athlete deserves top of the line care. Dr. David Carfagno and his team are ready to help you take your health and fitness to the next level with a state of the art facility, cutting edge treatments and trusted techniques. We offer comprehensive care for the complete athlete, sports injury treatments including impact testing and orthopedic care, and metabolic programs to help you achieve and surpass your fitness goals.

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