Amniogenic Therapeutic Injection in Osteitis Pubis with a great result!

I have been an avid tennis player and runner my whole life.  In 2011 I slowly began to develop left groin pain.  Over time, the pain and its referral began to spread. Eventually I was unable to not only play tennis or run, but I could not hike nor ride a bike due to the pain.  In the Fall and Winter of 2013/2014 my symptoms had progressed to where on rainy days I literally could not walk due to barometric pressure changes.  An evaluation from Dr. David Carfagno revealed Osteitis Pubis. In April of 2014 I received a stem-cell injection from Dr. Carfagno.  Since then I have been able to return to exercise, snow ski, and even run around the tennis court – all pain-free!  I feel like the playground has been brought back into my world!  My quality of life has been restored. Thank you, Dr. Carfagno!

David Bayliff, PT, MPT Phoenix, AZ