Beat The Bulk With These Thanksgiving Tips!


With Thanksgiving here to kick off the holiday season, we wanted to give some ideas how to enjoy the holidays without over indulging.  Food is a strong part of the holiday culture that brings us together to celebrate. It wouldn’t be realistic to say that you should avoid temptation at all cost.  Instead, you should focus on moderation and balance. Here are some ideas on how to do that:


- Get up and get moving! Jump start your day with a walk, go hiking, participate in a local turkey bowl, turkey trot, or find some other type of physical activity you enjoy!

- Control your portions.  Try using smaller plates and make sure to stay hydrated with water throughout the day.

- When possible, substitute your recipes for low fat, low sodium and/ or lower calorie alternatives.

- Try not to cook more food than your guests will eat.  Limiting left overs limits the temptation.

- Take your time! Enjoy meal time conversation with family and friends, give yourself time to let the food digest.

- Split up the meal into different courses. This helps with the last point of taking time to eat, but you can also start the meal by filling up with fruits and vegetables to help limit overeating the heavier menu items.

- Dessert should be a treat, not an entire meal. If you must try one of everything, eat small samples.

- Keep moving throughout the day.  Go for a walk, play catch, throw a football around.  Physical activity won’t offset all the calories you ate, but it will help.

- Resume your normal diet and exercise the next day.  Even though you might have left overs, you shouldn’t eat a Thanksgiving meal every day for a week straight.


Holidays are a special time for family, friends and certainly food.  On behalf of everyone here at SSMI, we hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


-Alex Edwards

Exercise Physiologist