Considering your first 5K, 10K, Marathon or Iron Man?

Dr. Carfagno has years of experience as a medical director for both the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon races and Iron Man races has a few goals for his patients: 1) Safety first and foremost, 2) Avoiding the need for the medical tent on race day, 3) Enjoy the experience! With these goals in mind, Dr. Carfagno and the highly experienced medical staff at Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute construct personalized plans for their athletes to help them reach their physical goals.

SSMI provides fitness testing services to evaluate those individuals that are looking to start participating in race days. These services include pre-participation tests, physicals, VO2 max testing, resting metabolic rate testing, DEXA body composition, PathwayFIT and Sport IQ DNA testing, and endurance coaching. Each one of these services is designed to obtain an accurate picture of your body’s performance abilities and to create a training program that targets your strengths and weaknesses. There is no reason why you cannot accomplish ANY fitness goal that you set your mind and body to! Dr. Carfagno and the team at Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute are ready to educate and support you on your journey toward getting across that finish line! Call SSMI today at 480-664-4615 and let’s start conquering those goals! #SSMI #sportsmedicine #DrCarfagno #IronMan #5K #10K #Marathon #HalfMarathon #1/2marathon #makeittothefinishline #physicalfitness #running #runner #endurance #training #VO2max #RMR #coaching