Is Elbow Pain limiting your activity?


Repetitive use of wrist flexion, extension and protonation can cause tendinopathy.  Repetive overuse can cause microtrauma to the insertion site of the tendon to your bone.  Overtime, the wearing and scaring of the tendon can create microchanges that lead to weakening of the tendon.  Therefore, any excessive force can overload and strain the tendon.  Two common injures you may experience are: tennis elbow and golfer's elbow.

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylosis):

  • pain with the arm and wrist extended
  • shaking hands, hitting backhand tennis, using computer, lifting heavy objects

Golfer's elbow (medial epicondylosis):

  • pain with arm pronated or wrist flexed
  • overhand turns during golf swing


Reduce agravating activities, ice and NSAIDs should help relieve the pain.  A good stretching and strengthening program is essential in your recovery and long term success.  Injectables (corticosteroid, PRP, stem cell) may provide short-term improvement and speed your recovery.  However, physical therapy and rehab exercises are highly recommended if you have been experiencing severe or long-standing symptoms.  It is not uncommon that imaging (ultrasound and MRI) may be needed to visualize and confirm tendinosis or microtears. 

At Scottsdale Sports Medicine, we have the right personnel to guide you and monitor your progress with precision and care that you deserve.  Don't let this pain hold you back from bringing your golf and tennis game to the next level or enjoying your weekend activities.

Dr. David Carfagno is a Board Certified Internist and Sports Physician, who trained at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Tri-Quoc Pham M.A. is ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and a 4th year medical student at Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine


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