Endurance Coaching

General Health/Fitness

Are you looking to lose weight in the New Year? It can be really tough to exercise when the excitement of the New Year fades and your motivation is dwindling, but YOU can be successful! And research shows you are much more likely to stick to your goals  if you work with someone who will hold you accountable, provide guidance and explanations for every workout, and also be supportive. We will do all that for you. After speaking with you one on one, we will customize a training plan to help you accomplish your fitness goals so you look great in 2019


Whether you want to do your first 5k or your first marathon in 2019, we have the training plan and team for you. We’ll discuss your running goals and develop a customized plan to get you across that finish line! We’ll provide as much guidance as you need providing information about running equipment, nutrition, injury prevention mental training, and strength training. Make 2019 the year you say, “I did it!” 


What is holding you back from signing up for first triathlon or first Ironman in 2019?  Will I have enough time? Will I still see my family/friends? Can I handle the training? What training plan should I follow? How many days should I swim? Can I just figure it out myself? Should I hire a coach? Is it too expensive? What equipment do I need?

We have the answers to all of these questions, so no more excuses! We’ll make sure you are a good fit for our coaching program with an initial meeting face to face (yes, in person if local) or facetime (if remote) to discuss your personal goals, current lifestyle, and athletic history. With 3 levels of coaching to choose from you dictate how frequently you want your coach to update your training plan, and communicate with you by phone/email.  

Do you want a training plan that provides structure and time management? Do you need an accountability partner that is checking to make sure you did your workout? Do you need motivation especially when you don’t feel like working out? Do you want a coach with experience? Do you want to have Fun? We promise to provide all these things if you promise to do the work!

Elite amateur

Do you want to race faster than ever? Are you training for a specific race? Are you looking to qualify for Boston or a triathlon world championship?

We will provide individualized attention with specific daily feedback about workouts, physical and mental training, racing strategies and/or nutrition plans. I will be there with you every step of the way, as little or as much as you need, bringing with me 25 years of racing experience including the Boston Marathon, the Ironman World Championships, 70.3 World Championships and the Xterra Off Road Triathlon World Championships. We do the thinking (but not the training) for you so you can spend time focusing on training and being with your with family/friends instead of stressing about your training plan. You will work very hard and you will have a lot of fun!

Injured/burned out athlete

Are you stuck in a training rut? Do you have a history of overuse injuries and really want to race but are worried about another injury? You can be successful and injury free! And it is much more likely if you work with a team who will hold you monitor your progress daily, hold you accountable, provide guidance and explanations for every workout, and also be supportive. We will do all that for you. After getting to know you  and your athletic/injury history in a one on one session, we will customize a training plan to get you on the right track and set you up for success in 2019. 

Even the most difficult athletes:

Are you ready to stop talking about racing your best year ever and finally be able to say you had your best race ever? It’s time to take your dreams and turn them into reality. With the support, expertise, and experience of our team, we can help you reach that finish line with hands in the air. I can see it already. Stop dreaming. Start doing. You got this!