SSMI CASE OF THE DAY: The fatigued Athlete.  The workoup of fatigue in an athlete and any individual for that matter is vast.  Nearly every system of the body may be accountable for fatigue.  From CardioPulmonary function, hormonal, hematological (marrow/blood), and more.  Through careful evaluation, we'll also evaluate the athlete's nutritional status with micronutrient testing (www.spectracell.com), done at SSMI, along with a comprehensive food diary including calories, protein, carbohydrate, and hydration.  Also, an exercise diary including frequency, intensity, duration, and recovery periods.  SSMI's case today focuses on an athlete who had after a thorough workup as above, revealed a COQ-10 deficiency brought on by not recovering properly.  COQ-10 is a critical nutrient along with carntine and lipoic acid specific to the mitochondrial function.  The mitochondrion is the cell powerhouse whose primary function is to generate energy.  This powers the muscles, nerves, and heart.  Deficiency in one of these nutrients may lead to decreased endurance or strength.