Flexibility Series: Upper Body TRX Warm Up

This week’s topic is a TRX upper body warm up circuit to help prepare you for your upper body workouts.  Dynamic warm ups are excellent movement prep for your workouts, especially when they include movements you plan to include in the given exercise session.  As mentioned in our Flexibility 101 article, stretching too much (especially static stretching) before strength and power activities can limit your capacity. Dynamic stretching is an effective alternative to start moving the muscles and joints without overstretching.

 Hold each stretching position for 2-5 seconds and then keep moving through a full range of motion to increase muscle temperature and blood flow to the given region.  On active recovery days, use the same exercises but hold the stretches for 30-60 seconds per your comfort level.  Exercise descriptions are listed below – shoot for 20-30 seconds total time or appx 10 reps on each exercise before moving to the next one.

Facing away from the anchor point:

Arm Circles – keep tension in TRX straps, slowly walk away from the anchor to passively stretch arms, try forwards and backwards circles

Fall outs – Flexion at the shoulder joint similar to a front raise exercise, make sure to keep core tight

Side bend stretch – focus on lengthening the latissimus dorsi and feeling the stretch through your obliques

Facing the anchor point:

Overhead press – focus on shoulder blades down and back making sure to keep tension in the straps

Hip hinge – While the movement is with the lower body focus on lengthening the spine and shoulders by keeping tension in the straps. Keep your legs mostly straight with a slight bend in the knees.

Shoulder retraction – start by retracting the shoulder blades like you’re trying to pinch an object in between them and then relax and focus on lengthening the back muscles.