Meet Joseph W and just try to stay unmotivated

The following was written by my patient, Joseph. Thanks so much!

"O. here's the question Dr. Carfagno is always asking, "Do we grow old because we stop playing games or do we stop playing games because we grow old?" So how would you answer that question for yourself....... hmmmm?

I have learned that nothing and I mean nothing, keeps us young at any age like inspired self-thinking......... like thinking thoughts that make us feel thinking thoughts of self-appreciation about who we are and what we do. Thoughts that make us feel good about our bodies. Thoughts that make us feel good about how we willfully commit to gift our bodies with enjoyable focused practice and training that creates and promotes well being for us and for our fabulous bodies.

I invite all of us who train...... all of us who practice....... all of us who workout to passionately appreciate the loving gift we give our body each and every time we start our "well-being regimen." I invite all of us to passionately appreciate how we willfully choose to honor our bodies and willfully choose to embrace and contribute to our own well-being. I invite all of us to passionately appreciate how each of us willfully chooses to grow youthfulness and expand joy directly into our daily lives....... YESSSSSSSSSSS!

My mom taught me a long time ago the great thing about self-inspiration, the great thing about feeling good about yourself is that it is contagious..... so pass it on and enjoy all the smiles!

I wish Youthful Well-being to you and.......... Yo! Doc, "keep asking that question."