SSMI launches the Telemedicine for its Concierge and Weight loss Program

Published by on Sep 13 2018

Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute (SSMI) announces that telemedicine will be added to its Concierge Medicine and its Metabolic Weight Loss program. “Telemedicine will afford me the opportunity to see our patients any time or anywhere” said Dr. David Carfagno, D.O., C.A.Q.S.M. Medical Director and Owner. “I’ve been participating Concierge Medicine and our Weight Loss program for several years via our patient portal or taking phone calls. We wanted to go to the next level in providing the highest standard of care. Telemedicine is not a substitute for patients coming into the clinic to see me; it is another option for care” added Dr.Carfagno.

The platform that SSMI is utilizing for telemedicine communication is developed by a nationally HIPAA compliant company. The software platform is licensed by over five thousand providers inthe United States. Telemedicine uses any camera and microphone device. Telemedicine has evolved over the last five years with the advent of technology and patients embracing the experience. SSMI will be adding telemedicine to other services in the coming months.