SSMI Patient Story - Loren M

Meet SSMI patient, Loren M. She's a real inspiration and represents what it means to be determined. I'm so happy to have met her!

"My successes with SSMI have been happening a lot longer than just the one month Metabolic Program. In early 2010, I was diagnosed with POTS [postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome]. Some people are bed ridden from POTS, and at my worst I was only able to stand for 20 minutes at a time before fainting or extreme dizziness. I did some research and found that cardiovascular exercise can be very helpful. I prayed specifically for a Doc that could really understand I was in a bad place, but was a dynamic enough thinker to believe I didn't have to stay in that bad place.

By the time I increased my running time from 4 minutes to 20 very hard minutes at a time, God brought me to Dr. Carfagno. I knew right away he was my guy.

Fast forward to about 8 weeks ago, I said "Doc, I would like to run a marathon, do you think I can do it?" Dr C's response, "YEAH!" And the plans began. Four weeks later, I came in to give an update and get some help on eating. We decided I should do the Metabolic Program. I saw it as a great opportunity to improve my food intake, my exercise plans, my recovery time, energy levels, my POTS, my lean muscle mass and ultimately help me become a more efficient runner.

I am extremely pleased with the results! In ONE SHORT MONTH I have increased my run mileage 3 miles making my most recent run just over 12 miles. My body comp began at 26.4% and is down to 24.5%, my cholesterol started at 159 and is down to 113; breaking that down my HDL started at 69 and is down to 49 with my LDL starting at 84 down to 56. I have lost a total of 2.5 inches over my entire body and am a lot stronger! And probably the thing I most love; my recovery times are a lot faster!! The POTS can make me extremely fatigued, so this was a very important thing to monitor specific to me.

Probably the hardest thing for me to overcome in the month was the belief that I would fail. Dr Carfagno gave me some hard things to follow, but he gave them because he cares and he believed enough that I could do it, when I doubted. I am so glad God brought me to Dr Carfagno and am confident I will get all the tools I need to successfully run 26.2 miles. Peace out!"