SSMI Sports Physical

If you are interested in this advanced physical built for an athlete then give us a call (480) 664-4615. #metabolictesting #fitnessforlife #annualexam #sportsmedicine #internalmed #vitals #musclemass #metabolism #aerobic #SSMI
At SSMI we have an annual exam with a lot of our patients known as the ‘Scottsdale Sports Physical’. At this visit not only do we cover preventative measures, but we also dive into the fitness and nutrition of our patients. We highly recommend for our patients to do our metabolic testing during this visit in order to get an in-depth look at the physiology and to be able to track progress each year. These tests include our DXA body composition scan, resting metabolic rate (RMR), and VO2 max test. As we age our body starts to slow and we see decreases in vital numbers such as: muscle mass, aerobic capacity and resting metabolic rate. This is why we recommend the above tests so we can see the trends in our patients each year. The goal at SSMI is to make sure we maintain or even increase those numbers, which hopefully will have you feeling your best no matter the age.