Tele Sports Medicine

Take Dr. Carfagno with you!

SSMI is now offering a service for patients that can’t make it into the clinic but are wanting to have an appointment with Dr. Carfagno thru our telemedicine system. 

The telemedicine system is HIPAA compliant, protecting patient information.

 Patients can use the system from the homes, work, traveling or wherever there is WIFI service. 

Telemedicine appointments can be on any device that has a microphone / camera and able to connect to the internet.

SSMI Telemedicine Features:

  • HD Quality Video Visits
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Secure Messaging
  • Dr. Carfagno Health Library
  • History & Notes

Have the assurance that when you need telemedicine by signing up today.  There is no cost to registering for SSMI system – only fee is when you use the system for video appointments.


  • Approve the consent form given to you in clinic
  • Dr. Carfagno will email you an invitation to join the SSMI Clocktree program.
  • Register a user name / password.
  • Call the office for scheduling a telemedicine appointment.
  • Go Online Time / Date of Appointment
  • SSMI will call you thru the system and you will be connected to us!