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  • Managing a Medical Emergency at 35,000 feet

  • Published on Dec 06 2017

    I posted a few days ago about my experience on the way back from Kauai.  I had received a bottle of wine from American Airlines but I’m so proud of this experience I wanted to tell the story.  More so, in that I received a very nice thank you email.  It’s an email like this that makes my year. ... Read More

  • Hip Flexor Series Part 2: Passive Stretching

  • Published on Dec 04 2017

    In part two of our hip flexor series, we will discuss some stretching techniques to help lengthen tight hip flexors.  A quick review of hip flexor anatomy will help understand how to make stretching more effective.  The... Read More

  • Hip Flexor Series Part 1: Assessing for Tightness

  • Published on Nov 14 2017

    The hip flexors are a group of muscles that act to flex the femur at the hip joint.  The primary movers are the rectus femoris and iliopsoas.  The pectineus, sartorious and hip adductors also assist in the action of hip flexion.  An easy way to visualize this action is bringing the knee towards... Read More

  • SSMI Now Offering Stretch Therapy!

  • Published on Nov 07 2017

    Are you always feeling tight, noticing limited range of motion, and looking to improve your flexibility? Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute is proud to announce that we have added stretch therapy as part of our services.  Stretch therapy sessions can be booked for 15 or 30 minute sessions to... Read More

  • Hamstring Flexibility Part 3: Eccentric Exercises

  • Published on Oct 31 2017

    Part 1 and 2 of our hamstring series focused on assessing flexibility and passive stretches for the hamstring.  Part 3 of this series will focus on some strength exercises with an eccentric emphasis that will improve hamstring mobility.  The eccentric phase of a movement involves a muscle... Read More

  • Welcome Dr. Johnson to Scottsdale Sports Medicine!!

  • Published on Oct 19 2017

    Welcome, Dr. Johnson, to Scottsdale Sports Medicine!  We are happy to announce that Dr. Eric Johnson, PhD, has just recently joined us here in our office.  

    Dr. Eric Johnson is clinically trained as a Neuropsychologist and has treated ages 10-100.  He specializes in utilizing the ImPACT... Read More