September 2015

  • Staying hydrated but still cramping?

  • Published on Sep 29 2015

    Staying hydrated but still cramping?

    Cramping is a bane of the endurance athlete and weekend warrior alike. It can ruin a record pace or be a painful end to your favorite activities.  Often simply staying hydrated and keeping your ‘electrolytes’ balanced is the best way to stop it, but if... Read More

  • Should I worry about high blood pressure?

  • Published on Sep 29 2015

    Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the major causes of death and disability today.. Though it is often initially asymptomatic, hypertension is implicated in significantly increased risks for stroke, heart attack, heart failure, aortic aneurysm, and kidney failure.  Minimizing these... Read More

  • No trauma to my Back? But now I have pain with walking!

  • Published on Sep 23 2015

    It's very common to see asymptomatic, bulging disc after the age of 30 and unlikely to cause spinal nerve root compression.  It's important to understand the difference between disc bulging versus disc herniation.  Bulging disc appears round and symmetrical compared to herniated disc, which... Read More

  • Is Arthritis causing havoc on your golf game?

  • Published on Sep 15 2015


    Osteoarthritis is the most common rheumatic disease, a chronic systemic inflammatory disease characterized by joint destruction.  Up to 80% of patients have some limitation of their activities and 25% are unable to perform their usual daily activities.  By the... Read More

  • Can Beta-Alanine help you workout harder and longer?

  • Published on Sep 15 2015

    What is Beta-Alanine?

    Protein is made from 20 different small units of amino acids.  It helps with building and repairing tissues (skin, nail, and muscles) and plays a vital part in making antibodies and insulin.  There are essential (9) and nonessential amino acids (11... Read More

  • The Athlete's Heart - Male vs. Female

  • Published on Sep 14 2015

    The heart is arguably the most important muscle in the body.  It is the unit responsible for providing every part of the body with oxygen.  For this reason, it is of utmost importance to keep the heart healthy and strong.  This is done through exercise – particularly cardiovascular exercise. ... Read More