October 2015

  • Wrist Pain? It May Not Be What You Thought!

  • Published on Oct 30 2015


    Due to its location and mechanism of action, the wrist joint is extremely vulnerable to injury, making it one of the most commonly injured joints in the body.  Most patients present to primary care or sports medicine clinics although the more serious fractures... Read More

  • Is your leg pain more than simple 'Sciatica'?

  • Published on Oct 19 2015

    Leg pain can have a number of different causes, some related to disease process and a lot to mechanical sources.  Among the most common mechanical reasons for pain is entrapment of the fifth lumbar (L5) nerve. 

    Anatomy: The spinal cord puts out nerve branches that... Read More

  • When elbow pain is more than just ‘Tennis elbow’…

  • Published on Oct 15 2015

    Lateral epicondylitis, often called “Tennis elbow” is a very common cause of elbow pain in amateur athletes.  It is a general overuse injury to the tendons that control wrist movement and occurs on the outside of the elbow.  Similar pain on the inside of the elbow is called medial epicondylitis... Read More

  • Can you get sick from exercise?

  • Published on Oct 15 2015

    Common wisdom says that exercise is good for you in a lot of ways.  Medical research has shown that exercise improves the function of virtually every organ and system including immune performance. This most recent study confirms these general ideas, but adds a little nuance considering very... Read More

  • Will music be the key to unlocking Alzheimer's?

  • Published on Oct 07 2015

    Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible degenerative disorder in which a specific type of plaque accumulates in the brain and leads to brain wasting, memory loss, and inability to function. This disease has devastating effects for the sufferers and for their families and current treatments remain... Read More

  • Lost your touch after a jammed finger?

  • Published on Oct 01 2015

    Virtually every child or adult athlete has experience with the exquisite pain that accompanies a ‘jammed finger’.  Most of the time a little RICE, Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation, will treat the problem.  Sometimes, however, a finger can be truly dislocated in this type of injury. When that... Read More