January 2016

  • Single Leg Squats: A Case of a Pain in the Butt

  • Published on Jan 26 2016

    Single Leg Squat vs Double Leg Squat

    Squats using one or two legs will offer training emphasis to different muscles. Squats in general offers excellent primary muscle training of the gluteus maximus and quadriceps and secondary muscle training of the erector spinae,... Read More

  • Sugar makes the world go round and get round...

  • Published on Jan 20 2016

    Sugar has a huge presence in our diet; it is a source of energy but also a enabler of potential health risks. In fact, there are actually different types of sugar molecules as well as alternatives that mimick sugar's sweet flavor. In this article, we will discuss the many types of sugars and... Read More

  • Osteitis Pubis: How muscle imbalance can make your pelvis ache!

  • Published on Jan 19 2016

    We recently encountered a young athletic male patient who came with pelvic pain mostly on his pubic bone without hearing any abnormal pop that started when he was training for an intense sport. After a thorough workup, we came to a diagnosis of Osteitis Pubis. In this article, we will discuss... Read More

  • Testosterone Therapy: Do you really need it?

  • Published on Jan 13 2016

    A 2013 article published in JAMA stated that there has been a dramatic increase in inappropriate use of testosterone therapy in healthy middle-aged and older men. One possible reason for this is the rise in direct-to-consumer advertising encouraging the use of testosterone products for... Read More

  • Brain Tumors: It's in your head, literally

  • Published on Jan 11 2016

    What exactly happened?

    It's not uncommon to encounter athletic patients in our clinic presenting with neurological symptoms. Head injuries can cause a variety of issues both short and long term. However, this case stands out due to the gradual and unique change in speech... Read More