February 2016

  • What does Wellness mean at SSMI?

  • Published on Feb 25 2016

    At SSMI, we have a wellness exam for each patient.  From the Executive Wellness to the Medicare Wellness to a general wellness exam, one must find what is 'their' true defintion to their individual wellness.

    1. “Wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence... Read More

  • Exercise as a Treatment for Osteoporosis

  • Published on Feb 22 2016

    Physicians are constantly encouraging their patients to exercise. We all know it helps our hearts, joints, and muscles. But can exercise really benefit someone with osteoporosis? Truth is, it can!

    Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by significant loss of bone... Read More

  • When Is Muscle Soreness Dangerous?

  • Published on Feb 17 2016

    All of us have felt sore after a workout. That soreness is generally a good sign that our workout was effective. But can soreness ever be dangerous? In some circumstances it can.

    Rhabdomyolosis is a serious medical condition that can be associated with sore... Read More

  • What is the Pain in the Back of my Shoulder?

  • Published on Feb 15 2016

    Your body is an intricate collection of tissues, each with a specific purpose and funciton. Pain, while an important sign of injury, does not necessarily tell a physicain what type of tissue is being affected. It could be very important to know whether the source of the pain is soft tissue (... Read More

  • What it means when you tore a tendon on your body...

  • Published on Feb 10 2016

    We have all heard of someone straining their hamstring. We likely also know someone who has torn their rotator cuff. But what exactly are these injuries? And what should you know if you have been diagnosed with a similar injury? The answer can be found by beginning to understand the importance... Read More