March 2016

  • Living with Scoliosis: How to Manage the Pain and Progression

  • Published on Mar 29 2016

    Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.  In order to determine the severity of the curvature, a standing AP x-ray is used to determine the Cobb angle.  This angle is calculated by drawing two lines and measuring the angle at which they intersect as see in the picture. This... Read More

  • Your VO2Max and Why It’s Not Only for Elite Athletes

  • Published on Mar 23 2016

    So what is VO2Max? This value is the maximum oxygen uptake an individual utilizes during maximal exercise and it reflects the amount and ability of an individual to bring in, transport, and utilize oxygen in the body tissues. This therefore is... Read More

  • Meldonium, What was a Tennis Star, Maria S actually taking?

  • Published on Mar 13 2016

    Mildronate was originally developed in the 1970’s in Latvia as a growth-promoting agent in animals. More recently it was discovered that it is also an anti-ischemic (prevent loss of blood flow) medication, which has cardioprotective effects. It... Read More

  • Is it Just the Shin Splints or Something More Serious?

  • Published on Mar 13 2016

    Most individuals who exercise have likely experienced the shin splints, in medical terms referred to as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), at some point in their lives. MTSS is an inflammatory response of the connective tissues of the lower leg that occur due... Read More