February 2017

  • Resistance Training 102: Different Modalities for Different Results

  • Published on Feb 28 2017

    If you have been following our posts, you know that we love prescribing resistance training to almost everyone that walks through our doors.  There are many ways that resistance training can be an effective treatment.  Health benefits include improved coordination, balance, stability, strength,... Read More

  • Resistance Training 101: How lifting weights can improve your health

  • Published on Feb 10 2017

    American society has been accustomed to trust Doctors and allied health care professionals to prescribe medication and treatment plans.  Common connotation might suggest that pills and surgery are the first thingthat pops into our minds when talking about western medicine.  While these... Read More

  • SMR 101: A Beginners Guide to Foam Rolling

  • Published on Feb 06 2017

    Feeling tight? Unwind With These Self Myofascial Release Tips...

    Foam rolling, massage sticks, and many other tools have gained a lot of admiration in fitness and wellness circles for their ability to help relieve muscle soreness and improve flexibility.  There are a lot of tools out... Read More