March 2017

  • Backpacker's/ Purse Hip

  • Published on Mar 29 2017

    Lately, I've been seeing a considerable amount of lateral hip pain.  Specifically off the iliac crest, the edge of the hip on your side.  As seen on the video, there are a number of attachments of muscles onto the iliac crest which span from the large muscles like the latissimus dorsi and... Read More

  • Group Wellness Update

  • Published on Mar 23 2017

    Group Wellness at SSMI

    Focus Groups

    Scottsdale Sports Medicine offers individualized focus groups on Monday evenings once a month.  During the group meetings, we will discuss specific medical... Read More

  • Phoenix Magazine's 2017 Top Doc!

  • Published on Mar 16 2017

    Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute is proud to announce that Dr. Carfagno has been selected by his peers and colleagues as top sports medicine doctor as well as Internist in this month's Phoenix Magazine!  This makes the 8th year in a row that he has been voted for this honor and... Read More

  • Flexibility 101: Improving Range of Motion

  • Published on Mar 14 2017

    You’ve probably heard the adage “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” This fundamental truth can absolutely be applied to flexibility.  Flexibility is a key component to a balanced training regimen but can often go unnoticed or even forgotten.  Most people might be under the impression that... Read More

  • Break It Up! Using Unilateral Exercises To Improve Balance

  • Published on Mar 07 2017

    Last week in our Resistance Training 102 article we mentioned different types of equipment and how they can improve strength, balance, coordination and nervous system function.  Today we are going to build off the same principles and expound on why unilateral exercises should be incorporated as... Read More