September 2017

  • New Video: SSMI Ankle Mobility Tips

  • Published on Sep 13 2017

    Ankle mobility is often an overlooked component of human movement that has a tremendous ability to help or hinder performance.  Most notably, good ankle mobility can help keep good form and posture during squats... Read More

  • I have a meniscus tear... Do I need surgery?

  • Published on Sep 10 2017

    What is a Meniscus?

    A meniscus is a crescent shaped disk that’s found in the knee. It functions as a shock absorber or cushion between the femur (thighbone) and the tibia (shinbone). It helps with knee stability, lubrication, proprioception, and congruity. Each knee has 2 menisci—one on... Read More

  • DEXA Body Composition Frequently Asked Questions

  • Published on Sep 07 2017


    1. As a physician, what does the body composition analysis by DEXA tell you that the BMI and your own eyes do not?

    BMI is the minimum measurement for evaluating the overweight and obese patient, ultimately a reflection of body weight. Body weight is not nearly as... Read More