November 2017

  • Hip Flexor Series Part 1: Assessing for Tightness

  • Published on Nov 14 2017

    The hip flexors are a group of muscles that act to flex the femur at the hip joint.  The primary movers are the rectus femoris and iliopsoas.  The pectineus, sartorious and hip adductors also assist in the action of hip flexion.  An easy way to visualize this action is bringing the knee towards... Read More

  • Breathe easier- with rib treatment!

  • Published on Nov 09 2017

    During the past few weeks, we have seen and treated many different rib dysfunctions in the office. So, it seemed like the perfect time to discuss how rib dysfunctions occur and how we treat them in the office.

    Rib dysfunctions can result from many different situations. Patients with... Read More

  • SSMI Now Offering Stretch Therapy!

  • Published on Nov 07 2017

    Are you always feeling tight, noticing limited range of motion, and looking to improve your flexibility? Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute is proud to announce that we have added stretch therapy as part of our services.  Stretch therapy sessions can be booked for 15 or 30 minute sessions to... Read More