December 2017

  • SSMI Launching Personal Training: First Session Free!

  • Published on Dec 19 2017

    We are launching out personal training here at SSMI with the introductory offer of one free session with the purchase of another session.  Great for all first-time exercisers or those with medical conditions and need some physician supervision.  Over 45 years of personal training experience... Read More

  • Managing a Medical Emergency at 35,000 feet

  • Published on Dec 06 2017

    I posted a few days ago about my experience on the way back from Kauai.  I had received a bottle of wine from American Airlines but I’m so proud of this experience I wanted to tell the story.  More so, in that I received a very nice thank you email.  It’s an email like this that makes my year. ... Read More

  • Hip Flexor Series Part 2: Passive Stretching

  • Published on Dec 04 2017

    In part two of our hip flexor series, we will discuss some stretching techniques to help lengthen tight hip flexors.  A quick review of hip flexor anatomy will help understand how to make stretching more effective.  The... Read More