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  • SSMI Shoulder Mobility Tips

  • Published on Aug 29 2017

    Shoulder mobility is one of the keys to maintaining healthy shoulders.  Mobility differs from flexiblity because it is the useable range of motion.  Shoulder mobility is important for elite athletes performing... Read More

  • When Inner Thigh Pain Isn't a Groin Injury...

  • Published on Aug 28 2017


    Inner thigh or groin pain can cause discomfort on the inside of your leg that can be felt from the groin and all the way down to the knee. This type of injury is common in sports involving rapid acceleration, deceleration, and with rapid change in direction such as soccer, basketball,... Read More

  • Welcome Dr Jones to Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute!

  • Published on Aug 07 2017

    We are happy to announce that a new doctor has just recently joined us here in our office.  He looks forward to meeting each of you when you stop by and is available now to see patients!

    Dr. Jones grew up in the area of Pittsburgh, PA. He graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon... Read More

  • Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

  • Published on Jul 31 2017

    Endurance athletes are always looking to improve their performance, and there is a lot of research that supports cardiovascular training adaptations with regards to fitness and health.  A common exercise myth is the idea that strength training would impede an endurance athlete’s ability to... Read More

  • Can Probiotics Improve Athletic Performance?

  • Published on Jul 25 2017

    More than 100 trillion different microbes live in your gut. Gut microbiota (GM) is found mostly in the colon and consists of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. It is known that GM break down fiber, produces vitamin K, and aids in pathogen recognition. However, gut microbiota’s influence on... Read More

  • Resistance Training 201: Periodization for Long Term Progress

  • Published on Jul 19 2017

    Planning exercise and physical activity is an important skill to understand for athletes, coaches, and health care professionals alike.  Having a well-rounded program provides the athlete with “what to do,” but the program design can often answer the “why to do,” help direct goals and establish... Read More

  • Are You on the Edge of Over Training?

  • Published on Jul 12 2017

    High intensity levels or large training volumes are often required for athletes to achieve gains in performance. However, training at high intensity increases the risk for injury and fatigue due to overtraining.  Proper training requires a balance between overload and recovery. Inadequate rest... Read More

  • Is it Okay to Foam Roll the IT Band?

  • Published on Jul 06 2017

    Iliotibial band (ITB) foam rolling has become a controversial topic that has garnered much debate recently. The short answer, yes you can roll the IT band!  However, there are a few key points to make your foam rolling more effective.  Understanding the basic anatomy and function of the ITB can... Read More