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  • If you have low back pain, yoga might help!

  • Published on Oct 03 2016

    Recent research about the health benefits of yoga might encourage you to add it to your daily routine, especially if you have chronic low back pain. Yoga has long been used as a staple of natural health and wellness, and is now recognized for other potential health benefits. It... Read More

  • Wednesday Night Clinic Hours now open!!!

  • Published on Sep 07 2016

    Staring tonight, Scottsdale Sports Medicine has opened up its Wednesday evening clinic from 6 pm to 9 pm!! Accommodating patients and adding convenience for those who don't have to take off work or school.  ... Read More

  • Do you have foot and heel pain?

  • Published on Sep 07 2016

    Case: A 45 year old female complaining of right heel pain came into Scottsdale Sports Medicine last week. The pain began several months ago, and was primarily located on her right heel and radiated throughout the bottom of her foot. She described the pain as sharp, present... Read More

  • Fun Facts: Cardiovascular Physiology in Exercise

  • Published on Sep 06 2016

    Exercise Physiology

    During exercise there are a wide range of metabolic demands put on the body, especially with endurance activities.  Endurance exercises place demands on the heart and blood vessels to deliver oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and dissipate heat from the... Read More

  • Does your Hip have a painful snap or pop?

  • Published on Aug 30 2016

    Case: 15 year old athletic male presenting with complaints of right hip pain. The onset of pain occurred for several weeks without an acute injury. Located in the right anterior aspect of the hip and radiating towards the groin, the pain described ranging from dull to sharp was consistent... Read More

  • Cyclists: What You Need to Know About Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome

  • Published on Aug 23 2016

    What is Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome?

    Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome (also referred to as Handlebar Palsy) is caused from compression to the distal ulnar nerve.   Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome results in faintness of ones grip, pain/tenderness in the Guyon’s canal, and possible numbness and/or... Read More

  • Winning Nutrition: Dietary Needs of Elite Rowers

  • Published on Aug 22 2016

    The sport of rowing presents unique set of exercise demands on an individual.  It is typically considered a power sport, however endurance is equally important.  A rower must have enough strength and power to push the pace as well as... Read More

  • Studies Show Physical Activity After Mental Studies Prevents Overeating

  • Published on Aug 16 2016

    A new study shows that strenuous mental work can lead to overeating.  When we engage our brains in mentally challenging tasks, the brain localizes glucose/glycogen accessibility.  As a result, we feel hungry and have a chance of eating more after strenuous mental work.  However, exercising after... Read More