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  • Meldonium, What was a Tennis Star, Maria S actually taking?

  • Published on Mar 13 2016

    Mildronate was originally developed in the 1970’s in Latvia as a growth-promoting agent in animals. More recently it was discovered that it is also an anti-ischemic (prevent loss of blood flow) medication, which has cardioprotective effects. It... Read More

  • Is it Just the Shin Splints or Something More Serious?

  • Published on Mar 13 2016

    Most individuals who exercise have likely experienced the shin splints, in medical terms referred to as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), at some point in their lives. MTSS is an inflammatory response of the connective tissues of the lower leg that occur due... Read More

  • Should You Continue to Exercise or Rest When You are Sick?

  • Published on Mar 09 2016


    This is a very common question many athletes are faced with during periods when they become ill. Most are unsure if they should work through the pain to continue their training, or if they should take some, potentially valuable, time off. Part of this doubt... Read More

  • When may your thigh pain be something to be more concerned about?

  • Published on Mar 07 2016

    Injuries to the legs are common among athletes and active individuals and most problems seem to be of little concern for the majority of people. This is justly so, as most conditions resolve on their own and do not warrant further attention. However, sometimes leg injuries may seem to be more... Read More

  • Caffeine: Can it help you achieve your best athletic performance?

  • Published on Mar 07 2016

    Caffeine is the most consumed stimulant, which is socially acceptable in the world, with approximately 90% of the adult population consuming caffeine each day. It is rapidly absorbed through the gastoinestinal tract into the bloodstream, reaching peak concentrations in approximately one hour.... Read More

  • Gentlemen! How well do YOU know your testicles?!

  • Published on Mar 02 2016

    No man thinks this can happen to him, but could this be testicular cancer?

    Testicular Cancer is the most common malignancy (aka cancer) in men of ages 15-34; and is responsible for approximately 1% of all cancers in men. It is estimated that roughly 8,500 new cases of... Read More